Posted by: pt | January 9, 2010


New Year’s Eve, in the comfort of my own living room, I watched the crystal ball drop from Times Square.  There was no one to hug; no one to kiss.  It’s a scene I’ve managed to repeat for six of the past seven years.  Last year was the exception.  I was at a lame party where everyone spoke Spanish, and I understood about 5% of what was said for the entire evening. 

I think New Year’s pretty much sums up the year and the decade for me.  In 2009, I decided to give online dating one last try.  I tried, JDate,, and yahoo personals.  All three were a bust.  Send emails, get no response, receive emails from overweight grandmas.  So as a last resort, I tried eHarmony which was a huge failure five years ago.  During my three month membership, I managed to communicate with only two women.  One of which I corresponded with for two months before we met a few weeks ago at Starbucks.  She was nice, energetic, and attractive.  It seemed that I might have finally found a new friend.  I called her twice for a second date.  No response.   There were other women I met in ’09, but the timing wasn’t right and nothing developed.  And that was it.  I’d had it. I decided last weekend that I am done with dating.  Seriously.  I’m done.  It’s been a tough year.  It’s been a tough decade for that matter.

Hmm, how to make a long story short?  Well here goes.  The decade started out perfectly.  I had just gotten my dream job and all was well.  But then boss forced me to move to a Podunk town in Pennsylvania where he treated me like a slave.  It became the worst job I ever had.  My house did not have fresh water.  I sued the builder and lost on 9/11/01 of all days.  I escaped to Phoenix for a new job.  I was basically fired two years later for protecting my own boss and friend.  My ex made me leftover franks and beans (with no franks) for our 10 year anniversary dinner.  We grew apart; the marriage fell apart. I put my dog to sleep. I left home for good with no money or possessions. I went through a bitter divorce.  I lost my mind. I got depressed.  My new job in Plantation Florida had me traveling 100%.  I fell in love. She picked her boyfriend over me.  It was pretty much the bottom.  I fought back and persevered.  I got a new job. I lived in dumps. Until I paid back my loans. Dating was a complete waste for five years and completely discouraging.  I had a blog and wrote about my life.  It was therapudic.  But I got wrongly accused of sexual harrassment by a moron who sold me and my blog out to my employer.  I’ve always believed in ‘what goes around comes around.’   My ex asshole boss lost millions and my accuser lost her job.  So there you have it.  The 00s in a nutshell.

The good news is that my son is great. I’ve finally moved into a place I can be proud of and furnished it with all new furniture.  I’m still employed.  I’ve gotten to travel abroad for the first time.  I’ve rediscovered music and I discovered running.  I even ran a marathon.  I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been, and I have money in the bank now.  I’m going to adopt a mini-dachshund.  The heck with dating.  And so, I’m leaving the 00s behind and looking forward to what the 10s will bring.  I have a good feeling about them.



  1. Please don’t say this is your last post!!!! I miss your posts – even if they weren’t on a regular basis…

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