Posted by: pt | November 29, 2008


I truly believe the idiom, what goes around comes around.  Unfortunately for me, I’ve had to rely on this far too often to help me ease the burden of people who have wronged me in my life.  There have been a handful of people who are guilty of this during my 22 years of working for a living.  I think in each instance, they have gotten what they’ve deserved in the end. 


I’m happy to report that once again, justice is being served.  My sexual harassment accuser is being fired.  It only took six weeks for others to realize what I had.  That her work was awful, and she added no value for someone who is supposed to be at a Director level getting paid over $100,000.  This whole issue has been a huge burden on me.  I’ve been tagged as guilty, and no matter what happens, that label will not go away.  People were not SUPPOSED to know about this.  But they know.  It’s how Corporate America works.  Word somehow slips out.  And I’m THAT person.


I had my own documentation and case against her, but it’s one of those he-said, she-said things.  20 years of supervisory experience, 22 years in the workplace, a stellar performer.  All that didn’t matter.  We were on equal footing because the law allows for judgments like this.  I knew and stated to the powers that be that my only vindication would be when she got to prove to others what she proved to me.  That she was pretty much worthless.  And today I got the word. Monday will be her lst day. And like I said, the memory will not be erased and I have a memo in my file, but at last I feel vindicated.  YES! 



  1. Yay for you 🙂

  2. good to read you work again. 🙂 I’m still out here…

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