Posted by: pt | November 18, 2008


When I last posted, I told you guys the cruel story of California Girl.  That one hit me hard.  I still haven’t heard a word from her.  I don’t know if I’m either stubborn, persistent, clueless, stupid, relentless, hopelessly optimistic, or moronic.  I refuse to give up.  I refuse to believe the world is full of cruel people and that someone out there can actually be nice and genuine to me.


And so I continue to chat and meet people online hoping to find friends and actually meet someone in person.  Ironically, the next person I “met” online was eerily similar to Cali Girl #1.  She was another Cali girl.  She was married.  She was 29.  She was attractive.  And, a nurse-to-be.  We hit it off early and chatted daily for a week.  So far the story is identical, right?  So I should have just forgotten about it, right?  Well, I mentioned to her that I’d be going to California soon and asked her if she’d like to meet.  She was excited.  So was I.  Funny thing, she has disappeared and I haven’t heard from her in over a week.


Two weeks ago, I met who I thought was a real genuine person.  We chatted for 12 hours the first time we met.  She was single and young.  25.  Blonde.  Drop-dead gorgeous.  Modelesque.  And she only lived 2 ½ hours away.  I couldn’t really understand why she apparently wanted to hang out with me, but I just shook it aside and enjoyed the moments we were having.  She was a chef and we certainly had a lot in common to talk about.  We talked about cooking together, going places, flirted a lot, and seemed to have a cool connection.  But there were some red flags developing as always that made me start to wonder. 


For a female (sorry girls), she didn’t talk much.  My questions were generally answered with one word answers. Yes, no, mmhmm.  And secondly, the only personal question she ever asked me was what was my birthday. No ‘how old are you,’ no ‘married or single’, no ‘brothers and sisters?’, no nothing.  Yet there was this charade that we were gonna meet and hang out.  But every time I broached the subject, she sort of evaded it.  So I decided today to ask her if she wanted to be only chat buddies or whether she truly wanted to meet me.  But I never got the chance.  I saw her online tonite but by the time I got out of the shower, she was gone.  So I sent her a text asking her if she was in bed already.  Her response?  I’ll let her tell you.  “Yes sir.  I have someone to talk me to sleep tonight lol.” 


Pretty cruel of her, huh?  I mean, I don’t care if she’s flirting with someone else but does she have to flat out tell me?? Jeezus.  Once again, I know I got what I deserved, but I just don’t understand how or why or what would possess people do shit like that?  It’s been a rough four weeks.  It’s been a rough two months come to think of it.  I need to get out of this rut.  Trouble is, I don’t know how.



  1. Women love attention.

    That’s all I can tell ya, sorry buddy!

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