Posted by: pt | October 4, 2008


I’ve been discovered at work.  Let’s just say that someone wanted revenge.  Revenge because rather than be accountable and take responsibility for his/her actions, I was to blame for shortcomings.  So I had to shut down my blog of nearly four years.  I’m sad in the fact that something so personal was taken away from me, and that the person who ratted on me is so worthless and weak.  But that’s life, and I have to move on.  I don’t know yet whether I’ll be “Dooced,” but it’s entirely possible.  And so for now, I must remain separate from who I was before.  Those of you who know me, I still value your readership.

Now then, how did I come up with the title?  Well from my prior blog, it was my alternate title.  The lyrics from the song are fitting.  For some yet to be solved mystery, I can’t escape this little black cloud above my head.  This latest episode is a classic example.  My vision of this song and how it relates to me is clear in Alanis’ version.  Click the below link and enjoy it.

Oh, and the picture?  It’s going to be my book cover.  You all remember the title, right?  This is an actual picture of my father chasing a butterfly over 80 years ago.  Butterflies are elusive.  As is life.  As are dreams.

Alanis Morissette – King Of Pain



  1. I am so sorry buddy! 😦

    I absolutley LOVE that picture. And the meaning behind it. Yes they are. Yes it is.

  2. I am feeling pretty honored to be included.

    I love the picture. Truly.

  3. Thanks for keeping me in the loop! 🙂

  4. Ditto what Emily said. I, too, feel honored.

    Love the title. Love the tagline underneath as well as the picture. Love all of it.

    And this post…love it too! You sound so calm and accepting of what life is throwing at you. Bravo!

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